Monday, February 27, 2012

Urusvati Museum of Folklore, Haryana
Spread over an area of 8000 sq.ft. Urusvati Museum of Folklore is an island amidst sea of cultivated farmland. And during this time of the year the sight of green wheat plant dancing to the breeze makes you hunt for the right words in your mind- the way poets are borne. The remoteness of the place is a bit unexpected as it is just a km or so from the main road. Nature can blossom even in the most unexpected place.

The two storied building can be easily mistaken for a farmhouse. There was no proper signboard and the only signboard was blocked from view by pompously growing creepers. As the Auto I was travelling on careened to the bumpy road, I felt at home with nature. Wisp of dust trailed behind as we went deeper into the narrow road towards Shikohpur Village and in a long time I saw little mounds protruding out of the green paddy fields. It is the beginning of the mighty Aravalli's range.

It was difficult to spot the museum. There were trees all around and the place seemed so much at ease with nature. When I reached there, the Curator had already retreated to his quarter for lunch. With nothing much to do I scouted the place and it was quite a refreshing experience. I spotted different kinds of butterflies, a hummingbird and a peacock at this small peaceful sanctuary. 

Started in 2002 this museum showcases the beautiful romantic love stories from seven Northern and Central States of India through crafts, dioramas, tans-lites, paintings and prints. 

Lush open field finally giving way to rocky Hills
Soaking up the nature while waiting for the Curator
A butterfly at the backyard
'Phulkari' in Punjabi means floral work. It is a traditional form of embroidery using floral and geometrical designs. It is Popular in Punjab, parts of Haryana and Delhi. The museum has two floors, and special galleries are maintained for Punjab and and Rajasthan on the first floor. 
Tale of valorous Kings and princess are retold on the walls. All the scribbles are handwritten which is another traditional art called calligraphy. Here, the story of Maharaja Pratap Singh being retold again with photos, paintings and writings. 
A painting depicting a Rajasthani wedding scene where a groom's family bring home the bride. Other important paintings here are Warli paintings from Maharashtra and Madhubani Paintings from Bihar. 
The love story Haba-Khatoon is a legion in Kashmir. All States have their own folklore of romantic stories like this. This museum especially tries to revive these folklore. The Popular tragic tale of Heer and Ranjha of Punjab are also epitomized with statues and proper set up. 
This metal flask from Kashmir impressed me a lot. This will came quite handy in the snow capped mountains like kashmir. Necessity is the mother of all invention is once again justified. Long before modern thermal flask were invented they have used this simple module of a pot with an inner amber chamber to keep the water warm.
Jeenat Mahal wife of the Bahadur Shah Jafar, the last Mughal Emperor adorning the wall. 
This room with a view on the second floor is small but cozy place. Fixed with old furniture this serves as a small library on Indian folklore. Surrounded by tranquil atmosphere it couldn't be better for reading. This room also contains some ornaments, crafts, tribal costumes, paintings, musical instruments from states like Orissa and Bihar.
Mr. S M Pathak the art curator is working hard to expand the museum. There's a whole lot of construction going on around the vicinity.  
There a whole lot of lemon trees drooped low with ripe fruits. When I visited the weather was a bit too cold but I'm told they serve good lemonade as well. This serene place could also serve as a nice picnic spot. 

Some Other Attractions:
- Puppets from Rajasthan
- Ghar Mandir at Rajasthan Gallery
- Grass Art from Bihar
- Traditional drums from Haryana
- Chhau mask from Orissa 
- Baredi dance costumes from Andhra Pradesh

Shikhopur Village, Gurgaon 

Timing: 10am to 6.30pm 
Closed on: Mondays

Entry: Rs 50 per person

How to reach:
Nearest metro Station is IFFCO Chowk. From here one can take an auto to-and fro, as return vehicle are hard to get. 

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