Friday, December 23, 2011

If Delhi can look like a hill station, than you already know when. Delhi has always been known for its greenery and the merciless heat waves. But in winter Delhi curls up with the chilly wind. The streets looks empty and quieter. The clattering noise of the AC's and fans cease for the time being and gives you some comfort. So when I think of Christmas, I think of the cold. Without the chill in the air, Christmas will never be the same. The best experience one can have during this season is visiting the opulently adorned Churches. The interior of a Church has so much peace to offer. The archaic silence is like walking down the middle of the street late at night. All the Churches in Delhi have already put up their best look for Christmas celebration, so  when I reach Methodist Church at Lodi Road I'm not surprised. I've visited this Church many times but with the festive mood in air there is a whole new feel about it.
Methodist Church is located at one of the best places. After boarding the Violet line from Central Secretariat, get down at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. From, here you can take an auto for not more than 25 Rs. But you can always use a good walk.
This is the thing about Christmas; you may have never seen a pine tree or cone with your own eyes but you sure feel nostalgic when you see the Christmas tree each year. 
A Christmas plants set as decoration right in front of the pulpit. Theses vibrant flowers are often seen on writhes and other decoration related with Christmas. 

Sacred Heart Cathedral Church near CP is the biggest Church in Delhi. It is a little far from CP Metro Station for a walking distance. Take an auto from CP for not more than 30 Rs. It is just opposite to the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, a little further from the Emporium markets. When I got there they were working on lots of installations for Christmas. They were working on a replica of Cattle shed where Jesus was borne. Within few days I would like to come back and see the complete installation of the baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary and cattle round about it. As I was admiring them work so genuinely for such a thing they could do without, I was reminded that it is the sum of these small things that gives Christmas its look.
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This statue glints in the sun. It has nothing to do with Christmas but it is a good piece of art just outside the Church.  I was glued to for a while. 
How often do we see makeshift markets selling Christmas decorations? May be for a week or more; not more than that 2 weeks when you can listen to some divine Christmas Songs. It all comes down to that one night on the 24th December when we sing 'Joy to the World', and then had to wait for another year  for another Christmas. I was seriously looking forward to some Christmas song practice in the Church but I was unfortunate. But I'm not going to miss that one night on 24th December when I can hear the Choir raise their angelic voice to welcome baby Jesus. 
Santa comes to town with goodies for all! I decided to walk back to the metro station and sneak into the YMCA Center.  Apparently I got what I wanted. The OM bookstore inside the Center is few of the Christian literature Center in the entire City. Time to buy some new Christmas CD's! YMCA is very close to Jantar Mantar and walking distance from the Metro Station.
"Hark the herald Angle sing
Glory to the new born King
Peace on earth goodwill to men!"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your Family!


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