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Tripura is one of the Seven Sister States of North-East India. The state is famous for its lush green landscapes, hills, and valleys. This state is home to 19 tribal groups. There are various non-tribal groups residing in Tripura as well. Archeology, art, culture, and biodiversity are the assets of Tripura and it calls tourists from all over the world. The meadows have a majestic look and on the other hand, the handicrafts and the architectural works bear testimony to the cultural heritage of the state. Here we will discuss on what to do and what not to do in Tripura.

What to do in Tripura

You can go for sightseeing in Tripura as there are lots of things to see. Go shopping for the handwoven cotton fabrics. Try out different activities like trekking, and you can also visit Tripura during the festival time of Kharchi Puja, Diwali, Dol Jatra, Sankranti, and Ashokashtami to watch the different colorful aspects of the state.

Agartala: Agartala is the capital of Tripura and it is one of the diversely populated cities in India. This place is an agglomeration of different tribes. With the greenery in the backdrop and the forest cover, Agartala becomes an attractive tourist destination. Maharaja Krishna Kishore Manikya founded this city in 1838 and the temples and palaces of Agartala are quite famous. Krishnanagar and Gol Bazar are important places here. You should visit the picturesque Dumboor Lake, and enjoy the boat ride.

Other popular destinations in Tripura: The other important destinations to see in Tripura are Dharmanagar, Kailasahar, Damboor and Kashba. The cities of Tripura are home to ethno-linguistic groups. Apart from them, the Reang, Noatia, Munda, Koloi, Chakma, Halam, Garo, Kuki, Lushai, Murasing Mogh, and Oraon tribes also influence Tripura. Agartala is the commercial hub of the state and the other important cities of Tripura are Pilak, Kumarghat, and Badharghat.

Shopping in Tripura

Bamboo and cane are widely grown in Agartala and it is one of the major components of the fantastic handicrafts. The tribal groups in Tripura also add color to the shopping markets. Clay, palm leaves, and wood are also used to make handicraft items which shoppers love to purchase. One of the best places to shop in Tripura is Agartala. You may also visit the tribal villages for shopping.

Activities in Tripura

There are trekking trails in Tripura, so, if you like adventure sports then you can go trekking here. Mountaineering and hiking are two other recreational activities in Tripura. Visiting Buddhist pilgrimage centers is a popular activity. Famous pilgrimage centers include the Buddha Temple in Venuban Vihar, Buddha Temple at Kanchanpur in North Tripura, and Pilak in Jolaibari in South Tripura.

Cuisine of Tripura

As many tribal groups influence Tripura, there are different types of food available here. The popular varieties of food are known as Maisa, Mami, and Guriya. The traditional food served here are Chakhwi, Mui Borok, Chatang, and Champrai. Turtle, chicken, pork, beef, mutton, crabs, and prawns are also preferred by the indigenous tribes. The people of Tripura have not given up on the traditional food, so, once you visit this place, you must try them.

What not to do in Tripura

Few tips for your holiday in Tripura are given below:
  • Follow rules in the zoo, like do not tease animals.
  • Avoid rash driving.
  • Avoid carrying too much cash.
  • Always carry your identity card.
  • Follow traffic rules.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Don’t talk to strangers.

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