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The colorful and vibrant land with fairs, festivals and numerous attractions welcomes you to Gujarat. The state gives a true picture of Indian culture and tradition along with its rich historical and religious heritage, which attracts people from all over the world. The land has so much to reveal that one trip is not enough to explore whole of Gujarat. From devotees to nature lovers, the state has something to offer to every tourist. Indian Holiday lets you explore the wonderful state of Gujarat and know about its rich cultural heritage.

What to do in Gujarat:

There is so much to do in Gujarat that you will never be short of options. Ancient temples, natural parks, gardens, palaces, rivers, shrines and hills all combine to give you more reasons to stay in the state and explore it further. Apart from the attractions, there is more to enjoy in Gujarat. You can be a part of the various fairs and festivals such as Holi, Kite Festival, Modhera Dance Festival and Deepawali.

Tourist Hubs in Gujarat:

Gujarat has several great cities to be explored during a vacation. While some are filled with natural attractions, others are pilgrim destinations. Some of such destinations to be covered in Gujarat are:

Gandhinagar:-Being the biggest city of Gujarat, Gandhinagar is a must-visit destination. It is the capital city of the state. It is at a distance of about 23 to 25 kilometers from the former capital Ahmedabad. Gandhinagar is named after the ‘Father of the Nation’, Mahatma Gandhi. Top attractions to catch in the city are Dinosaurs Park, Akshardham Temple, Punit Van, Sarita Udyan, Deer Park, and Adalaj Ni Vav.

Ahmedabad:-Ahmedabad is a well planned city founded by Sultan Ahmed Shah. The city was set up in 1411.  The city is filled with manmade wonders and natural attractions such as Victoria Gardens, Bhadra Fort, Gandhi Ashram, Kankaria Lake and Sidi Sayed Mosque. Ahmedabad is famous for its numerous artistically made temples.

Vadodara:-Vadodara was also known as Baroda. The city has well preserved history and historical remains, some of which date back to the 9th century. Top historical attractions to check out in Vadodara include Kirti Mandir, Laxmi Vilas Palace, Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum, and Makarpura Palace.

Bhavnagar:-Bhavnagar is one of the best places to visit if you want to catch more of Gujarat’s historical heritage and cultural wealth. Well-known attractions to check out in Bhavnagar include Nilambag Palace, Takhteshwar Temple and Bhav Vilas Palace.

Saputara:-Saputara is a hill resort in Gujarat.  This lies on the Sahyadri Range.  The name of the place means ‘Abode of Serpents’. The place is known for its scenic beauty and several tourist attractions, some of which are: Purna Sanctuary, Mahal Bardipura forest, Vansda National Park and Gira Falls.

Junagarh:-The beauty of Girnar Hills attracts people from all corners of the world. In the foothills of this resplendent valley lies the city of Junagarh. Some of the best attractions to check out when in Junagarh include Ayurvedic Museum, Chodwad Beach, Junagarh Zoo, Damodar Kund and Ahmadpur Mandvi.

Dwarka:-Dwarka is one of the most pious destinations for the Hindus in India. This is the place where, as per the mythological legends, Lord Krishna dwelled. Dwarka has the beautiful convergence of the Holy River Gomti and the magnificent Arabian Sea. Travel enthusiasts visit the popular Krishna temple called The Dwarkadhish Temple.

Rajkot:-Rajkot is a splendid city, which lies on the banks of Nyari River and Aji River. The city is one of the most important business cities in India. Travel enthusiasts however, have several great places to explore in this city. Some of these include Jagat Mandir, Lal Pari Lake, Kaba Gandhi no Delo, Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary, Swaminarayan Temples and Watson Museum.

Surat:-Surat is famous for gold and silver handwork.  It’s an industrious city with business at its best in various sectors. The city lies on the banks of River Tapti.  The city has been significant in history for being the main port for Mughals during the Mughal Era in India. Some of the popular tourist attractions to check out in Surat are The Surat Castle, Surat Old Fort, Sardar Patel Museum, Vansada National Park, Dutch Garden, Hajira Beach and Chintamani Janin Temple.

Champaner:-Lying at a distance of 47 kilometers from Vadodara, Champaner is a well known tourist destination in Gujarat. The city was founded in the 8th century by Vanraj Chavda. Some of the well known tourist attractions in the city include Lakulish Temple, Nagina Masjid, Mahakali Temple, Helical Stepwell, Khapra Zaveri Palace, Delhi Gate, Amir Manzil and Sikandar Shah’s Tomb.

Porbandar:-Porbandar is popularly known for being the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi. Some of the top places to visit in the city are Ram Dhoon Mandir, Ram Krishna Mandir, Sudama Mandir, Sri Hari Mandir, Huzoor Palace, Kamla Nehru Park and Satyanarayan’s Mandir.

Jamnagar:-Jamnagar was also known as Nawanagar. The place was rebuilt and designed by Maharaja Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji. Jamnagar is popularly known as the Oil City of India. Some of the top attractions to visit in Jamnagar are Bala Hanuman Temple, Cremation Park, Kotha Bastion, Dhanvantri Mandir, Pratap Vilas Palace, Marine National Park, Rozi and Bedi Ports and Lakhota Fort.

Sarnath:-Sarnath is a popular pilgrim destination in Gujarat. The place is rich with some of the best religious sites with monuments that attract people from all over the world. Some of such amazing places of interest in Sarnath are Mulagandhakuti Vihara, Chaukhandi Stupa, Tibetan Temple, Dhamekh Stupa and Sarnath Archeological Museum.

Fairs and Festivals in Gujarat:

Gujarat has several more unique attractions to be a part of. Colorful festivals and fairs of different kinds are worth being a part of. Some of the best ones are:

Kutch Utsav:-Kutch- Utsav is one of the best and the most colorful festivals held in the vibrant destination of Kutch in Gujarat. The festival showcases the rich cultural heritage of Gujarat through the various art forms.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Chitra-Vichitra Fair:-Is a famous Tribal fair held in Gunbhakheri village in Gujarat. The fair takes place 14 days after Holi. It takes place at the confluence of rivers. The fair is associated with a tale that says that Chitravira and Vichitravira were healed of their physical ailments when they stayed here. This event thus gives importance to healing. There are folk dances and other cultural events to mark the event.

Kite Festival :-Kite festival is one of the most famous festivals celebrated with great gusto in Gujarat. It takes place on the 14th of January. Entire state takes active part and the sky is filled with colorful kites of all shapes and sizes. It’s an international event held every year. The International Kite Festival is a major highlight in the country since 1989.

What not to do in Gujarat:

Now that you know what to do, check out the certain ‘not-to-do’s in the state of Gujarat:

  • Do not carry too much luggage while traveling.
  • Carry clothes according to the weather conditions.
  • Stay safe and do not touch unattained goods in Gujarat.
  • Do not carry alcohol.
  • Do not trust strangers while traveling.

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