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Sun kissed beaches, parties, clubs, quaint towns, feni or xacuti- options are many but you don't need a reason actually to  visit Goa. The place in itself is a reason to come and explore yourself.  Here is a checklist of what to do, what not to do in Goa.

What To Do in Goa
Sightseeing in Goa – This state is replete with a number of old churches, monuments, forts and museums making sightseeing an important activity while you are here. Most of the monuments here reflect the Portuguese style of architecture and have the Dutch feel as well.

Shopping –
Your vacation here is incomplete if you have not visited the Anjuna flea market or the shops around the beaches. Shopping is a delight with a variety in trinkets, jewelry, pearl accessories and fashion items on sale.

Beach Parties – Goa is truly a haven for party lovers. Spend your New Year and Christmas nights enjoying the parties at Anjuna and Calangute beach. The Full moon parties add to the pulsating nightlife of Goa.

Rave Parties – Loud music, drinks, live DJ music, lazing on the sands would define the rave parties here. There are trance music bands such as Infected Mushroom, Goa Gil and Etnica playing at these parties. Rave parties take place on the beaches, the shacks or in the hotels.

Goa Carnival – A three-day festival in the month of February meant for absolute merrymaking and fun. The streets are alive with men and women performing several theme dances. Food festivals are an integral part of the Goan carnival.

Wildlife Safari – The landscape of Goa is host to a number of wildlife parks and sanctuaries that draw the nature and wildlife lovers. One significant thing to do in Goa is visiting the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Mandovi-Zuari Wildlife Sanctuary and the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. Enjoy a jeep safari here!

Casino Royale, Goa– The largest of the floating casinos in the state, this casino draws a large crowd of foreign players every night.

Adventure sports –
The splendid coastline of Goa offers exciting water sports option. The beaches and lakes here are ideal place for thrilling aquatic sports.

Scuba Diving –
If you are in love with the underwater marine world, scuba diving is the best sport to indulge in. Scuba diving is promoted by several authorized centers that provide expert guidance and equipments.

Nightlife in Goa –
The pubs, clubs, discotheques and casinos are all part of the vibrant nightlife that you will enjoy here. The trance music is an important part of the beach parties that would make your vacation a memorable one.

Leisure Cruises in Goa –
The Mandovi River has a fleet of cruises departing in the evening. They offer deck dances, food and drinks onboard.

What not to do in Goa

Safety and healthcare are two prime factors to consider before you make your travel plans anywhere. To make sure that you have a safe stay in Goa, consider few precautionary measures. offers information and guidelines on what not to do in Goa and things that tourists should avoid during their vacation or honeymoon here. Have a safe stay.

  • Do not indulge in water sports without expert guidance
  • Get your hotel booking in advance during the rush season, do not refer to bookies
  • Drug peddlers are dangerous to be in contact
  • Avoid the hidden rave party circuits, beach parties are fun
  • Do not spend a fortune at the casinos of Goa
  • Avoid the demarcated risky zones for swimming and play
  • Sun bathing is safe if you are not a expert swimmer
  • Do not go scuba diving without checking on the oxygen mask
  • Single women should avoid drinking or hanging around with strangers
  • Avoid being on the beach late night unless there is police patrolling
  • If you have found anything suspicious, report to the beach police immediately
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