Friday, September 9, 2011

A Visit to this cerulean lake at Hauz Khas and Deer park will tempt you to think of a reclusive place untouched by human encroaching. Such display of nature in the midst of the mega metropolitan city makes this park a nice escape place for many Delhites. It's right in the heart of the city. If you need a break from the clutch of the city all you have to do is take a step and plunge in and free yourself like a bird.

Gaggle of Swans enjoy a lazy evening paddle. 
This expansive lake at Hauz Khas near Deer Park can be very quite sometimes. It is a favourite place for many morning and evening walkers. This lake built in the 13th century as a 'Royal reservior' for the residents  now no more serves that purpose.
Powerful fountains in the evening springs this almost dead water  back to life. Blaze of evening effortlessly turns these drops of water into gold. Everything but beauty comes to a standstill for a moment. 
Deer population at Deer Park is strangely large. The locals here have built up a certain bond with the deer population. They feed vegetables and bread, specially in the evening. It is also the best time to watch the deer at close proximity.
An old monument near Hauz Khas lake. 
A peacock foraging through the forest in the Park. Lots of open spaces makes it ideal to take kids  along.
A sun bathed foot path in the park.  It is very close to the trendy Hauz Khas village, which is soon turning out to be the cultural hub of the city, especially for many artists. 
Remnants of the Madrasa, Feruz Shah Tomb and old Mosque flanked on the Eastern and Northern side of the lake.  These dilapidated buildings  now serves as an observatory site for the many events played out in the Park. Lovers at arms and and die-hard literary romantics with a fancy book are a common sight. You have also as much chance of stumbling upon group of young people who called themselves the 'Delhi Drummers Circle' doing their routine chic.

Take a metro ride to Green Park. De-stress yourself with a chill at the Park. Treat yourself a dose of nature. You wouldn't regret it!


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