Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lotus Temple has both style and substance. It is a grand exhibition and a coming together of both modern architecture and technology for a humble purpose of worship and meditation. Built by the followers of Bahai religion, the place is open to people from all walks of life.
Lotus Temple is surrounded by small water bodies. It is designed in such a way  for the temple to appear like 'Lotus floating on serene water'. Such sight can be only relished fully from air. 
At night Lotus Temple is aptly lit up to give the right elements of design like form, shape , tone and color.  Musing by the  pool, on the steps are common sighting and one can easily get lost for words to describe the beauty one sees.
The interior of the Temple is surprisingly very plain with no pillars or any decorative items.  I'm told, it is to keep away distraction, leaving your mind to graze ideally in the open.

Lotus temple is just a few minutes walk  from the Kalkaji Metro station. 


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