Wednesday, August 24, 2011


                                                         1. Shangri-La's-Eros Hotel

The dashing Lobby at Shangri- La
Unlike many five star hotels, Shangri-La has a low ceiling Lobby. But that does not take away anything. The intricate yet huge oval shaped chandelier dangle just above your reach and gives the Lobby a dynamic look. It is a majestic sight to behold. At closer look, it looks like many small knick-knacks of ornaments placed with precision in a shop. At distance it looks nothing less than glowing opal.

The Island Bar on the ground, near the lobby, is blue color themed. Nicely done with blue lights, the bar has a circular table and high sitting chairs around a high rise mound made of bottles.

Cafe Uno is also on the ground floor, next to the Island bar. The room looks warm with yellow and orange lights. Cafe uno is a chocolate Bar and smells good with warm Chocolates and cookies. The Cafe also looks out to the lush of the lawn and has a good ambiance.

A nice pool greets you once you reach the open behind the Cafe Uno. Hemmed by trees and herbs of various species, the pool rest in the shade and is enticing.  The most notable part of the hotel though is the theme of Chandelier, that continues in other rooms and restaurant.

A yuoung girl at the pool.
The Island Bar

                                                                   2. Le Meridien:

Le Meridien is no ordinary Hotel. It is a place with lots of character and charm. It is also a pioneer in heralding unconventional styles in terms of architecture and Interior designing.

The 20 storeys-glass building stands in the heart of the city facing Rashtrapati Bhavan on one side and CP on the other side. Sitting on a table at the Le Belvedere- a Chinese restaurant might give you the best view of Rashtrapati Bhavan and the vicinity which is home to the politics of India. On republic day, the sight of thousands of people thronging the street from India gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan is stupendous.

The king size Lobby is more like the inside of a ship. The the decor is minimum and the walls are shy of colors, mostly with glossy white or cream color tiles. But the shapes are the main elements of design in the Lobby.

 The Lobby opens to a restaurant 'The One'. It is a live kitchen where, chefs cook in front of the customers. It is an all day dining restaurant and serves cuisines of all kinds, from western to Asian.

Caffe e Chocol'art is a spacious restaurant that serves chocolate and milk delicacies. It is right in the middle of the building. Flanks of Rooms rise up from all four sides and hemmed the Cafe, up to the 20th floor. Corridors spiraling along the inside of the building is a sight to behold. Likewise bird's eye view of the cafe from the 20th floor is like looking at a painting; textures and colors filling the palliate.

Monsoon restaurant tries to give new leash of life to traditional Indian cuisines.  
The restaurant is banned to kids below the age of 12. Nero bar has one of the longest list of cocktails. Literally speaking, the menu is a long file book, around 2 feet in length. It contain the names of 70 cocktails. Henri's bar is more traditional in style. Unlike Nero, it has classical chairs and tables and looks quite conservative. But being perched on the 20th floor with wide open windows, it has its advantages.

Altogether there are 358 rooms and suites at Le Meridien. The rooms offer beautiful views because there are no building to clamp the view. It stands majestic alone like Babel above the trees and low rise government buildings. It is also located at one of the greenest and quietest suburbs in the city.

The swimming pool on the 3rd floor is circular in shape. Along with the gym, it serve well for the health enthusiasts.

The roundwimming pool.

Le Meridien has played host to many foreign dignitaries including Bill Clinton on an official visit, when he was the President of United States.

                                      3. Radisson Marina Hotel, Connaught palace:

one might find it hard to locate Radisson Marina, though it's just few meters distance from the CP inner circle. It's because you would be looking for a new rise, fancy building. But Radisson Marina is nothing like that. It burrows deep in one of the white heritage buildings in Connaught Place.

Looking at the negligible entrance, just like that of any office in CP, the hotel doesn't entice you too much. But you'll be surprised to find 90 rooms in some odd white buildings that looks more like an old Government office, that doesn't rise more than mere two storey house. Beauty is skin deep, can't be truer than this.
Radisson Marina is exceptionally different from the rest of the hotels. There are 40 rooms in the first floor and 50 rooms in the 2nd floor. It has long corridors, and the corridors are arc-shape, like that of the circular arc of CP. While you are walking to your room at the far corner, you are walking towards the inner circle of CP, passing through ATMs, Chemist and garment shops, which are just below on the ground floor.
Steam bath are complimentary and so are fruit and cookies platter. Deluxe and business rooms have transparent cubicle. Deluxe rooms on the 2nd floor has a small sitting place outside the room and is one of the best rooms available.

There are three classes of rooms and suites. All the bathrooms have 100% herbal toiletries.

The great Kabab Factory, has 60 covers and specializes in centuries old Indian foods. This restaurant is a signature of Radisson hotels anywhere in India. It only serves dinner but Fifty9 is a restaurant that serves breakfast, Lunch and dinner. It is known for its cosmopolitan blend of world cuisines. The Cannaught Bar serves 30 kinds of drinks.

Radisson marina was renovated in 2009 after Radisson took over from marina.   The hotel is a nice place with easy accessibility for tranportation anywhere in Delhi. It is very well tucked away in the heart of the city.