Thursday, August 25, 2011

        Old World Charms of Chandni Chowk: 
A busy street in Chandni Chowk
Labourers having lunch by the side of a busy street

Chandni Chowk is one of the oldest bazaar existing in India today. The attraction here is that you can find almost anything in a small confine. If at one corner you find painting materials at the next turn you'll find kurtas and Saris. Some shops have continued for almost a century, continuously passing down from one generation to another. And people here have tried to maintain the originality. A Parantha at the Parantha gully or Jellibis at the Jellibiwalla couldn't have changed too much over the years. Such strenuous effort of  maintaining their trademark has only surged their popularity.

Good food and great temples make Chandni Chowk a popular place for both Delhites and tourists. Papri Chaat on the opposite side of Gurudwara, or roadside kababs near Jama Masjid defines Chandni Chowk. 
Sis Ganj Gurudwara
Founded in1639 by Mughal Emperor, the place came to be fondly known as 'Chandni Chowk'. A canal used to run through the streets and on moonlit night, the reflection of the moon shine brightly on the serene water. Today, the place remain awake even at night. Suffused with neon and tungsten lights, the blue luminescent of the moon has waned. That's a price all modern civilization had to pay.

Kababs near Jama Masjid
A man at pan shop
Temple Bells
The hat seller
A Rickshaw passing through the colorful Kinari Bazaar gully