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Goa is famous as the best holiday destination in India. The Indian beach state is famous for luxurious parties, glorious churches, exotic beach destinations, shopping excursions etc. A trip to Goa is ideal for local and global travelers who wish to spend a quality vacation.

But before heading to Goa, it is essential one knows as much about Goa as he/she can so that in a short limited time, one can make the most of his/her Holidays in Goa.
Goa Fast Facts:

Established: 1987

Location: Goa is located in the Western Region of the country of India.

Capital: Panjim

Area: 3702 sq. km

How to Reach: Airport: 43 km; Railway: 27 km

Languages: English, Hindi, Konkani
Best time to Visit: November to February

Goa History

In ancient times, the region around Goa was titled as Gomantaka in the Hindu religious texts of Puranas. The name “Goa” was given to the state by the Portuguese people who ruled over here for a long time.

During 14th and 15th centuries, the control of Goa shifted between various Muslim dynasties. By the time 15the century ended, Portuguese sailor Alfonso De Albuquerque gave a grave defeat to Muslims conquerors and protected the state from the annihilation that was brought upon here by the constant battles among Muslims rulers. It was these Portuguese people only who re-defined Goa culture that still can be seen among local Goa people.

The locals started the first ever failed freedom movement from Portuguese in the year 1767, which is called as “Pinto Revolt”. Major revolutionary movements were also carried out by The Ranes of Goa but none of them proved to be successful.

The history saw Dr. Antonio de Salazar in the year 1926 becoming the political leader of Portugal. IT caused strong reaction from the inhabitants of Goa who demanded to be free from control of Portuguese people.

Portuguese refused to free the state even after India got independence from British. The then Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Lala Nehru initiated a secret operation titled “Operation Vijay” in the year 1961 to free Goa. Indian army was succeeded in infiltrating the state and overthrowing Portuguese rule.

In the year 1963, the first ever general elections took place in Goa. It was declared by the year 1967 to not merge the state of Goa with the state of Maharashtra. By the year 1987, Goa was declared as the 25th state under Government of India.

Things to Do in Goa

The reason for the popularity of Goa amongst tourists is because there is so much to do in and around the state:

Goa Beaches

The first thought that must come in one’s mind the moment one reaches Goa is about visiting Goa. And it is the perfect idea for spending memorable vacations in Goa. The vast expanse of Arabian Sea, the silvery-brown sands and the swaying palm trees set the perfect ambience on Goa beaches.

The water sports activities, the beach parties and the exotic food makes every excursion to Goa an unforgettable venture.

Al the 22 beaches in Goa are simply the best but still the most famous ones include Calangute Beach, Baga Beach, Candolim Beach and Anjuma Beach.

Goa Cuisines

For all the foodies, a trip here is unbelievable. The state is known for some of the best culinary delights. The most famous food here is the seafood which includes Lobsters, Harem Mas, Goan sausages, Prawns, Fish curries, Prawn Hoonam etc.

Other famous Goan dishes include Sanna, Crab XecXec,  Ambottik, Fish Curry rice, Sorpotel, Chicken Cafreal, Mushroom Xacuti, Goan sausages, Bebinca etc.

If you come to Goa, you must try the local Goan drink Feni.

Goa Churches

For experiencing a true sense of Goa culture, one must visit the magnificent churches in Goa that were built in here when the area was ruled over by Portuguese.

The glorious structures are not just meant for religious travelers for prayers but also make for viewing the best works of art. The churches are constructed aesthetically according to the traditional cultures of Portuguese.

The best time to visit Goa churches is during Christmas.

Some of the best churches in Goa that are must-visit are Church of St. Augustine Church of St. Francis of Assisi Se Cathedral, Church of Lady of Rosary and Basilica of Bom Jesus.

Goa Nightlife

Everyone has heard about Goa nightlife or seen it in television. But experiencing it is a different matter altogether.

Shaking a leg or two, grooving on the zesty trance music, along with the hippies, while enjoying the international cuisines and drinks; this is what Goa night parties are all about. As soon as the sun sets in Goa, the parties start here. As soon as the sun rises again the next morning, the party gets over!

For a total party time here, experiencing the nightlife is a must-do.

Goa Shopping

Goa is a shopper’s paradise. If one wishes to buy local antiques, ornaments, handicrafts, clothes at very low prices, then Goa shops are best for him/here.

Goa is especially known for its excellence in souvenir items including papier-mache, shell work, terracotta, crochet, bamboo work, carved furniture, brassware, etc.

Do not forget to buy the famed cashew nuts of Goa.
The weekly Anjuna Flea Market is one of the best shopping ventures that are available for tourists in the country.

Sightseeing in Goa

Apart from the beaches, the night clubs, the churches, the shopping sites and the food outlets, one can still see a lot around Goa. Hence, one must set at least one whole day just for sightseeing in and around the state.

Do not forget to check out the famous Aguada Fort. The famous wildlife sanctuaries in Goa like Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary are also ideal for checking out the wildlife of India. The magnificent temples of Goa like Mahalakshmi Temple are also ideal for sightseeing, apart from religiously significant.

Find here Goa attractions and other information that can make your Goa trip memorable.

The picnic sites of Mayem Lake and Dudhsagar Falls are also exciting sightseeing ventures in Goa.


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