Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ambience Mall by the Gurgaon- Delhi expressway(National Highway 8) is the biggest mall in India. This mega Mall covers an area of approximately 1Km radius. One needs to be in their best health to go shopping at Ambience mall. Inaugurated in 2007, this mall houses some of the best brands. The complete package of different kind of stores and brands makes this mall a World of its own.
One needs special permission to take photographs inside the Mall. So we hope this photo feature  will come as a treat.
The main entrance
It is practically impossible to cover all the shops in the seven storied mall.  It will take almost the whole day to do that. But by that time you would have frazzled out. Visit this mall when you have a full day off. 
The spacious hall as  you enter the mall looks more like a terminal or a runaway .  You have not  completely seen the grand India if you haven't seen this. 
Chokola is a pastries and chocolate bakery. Each piece is creatively and diligently done.
Candle and Bloom decor gifting items is a complete shop that sells quality candles and room fresheners. 
Some international brands here are exclusive; like the NEXT, Hush Puppies and Debenhams, Rosenthal Germany etc. There are other big companies like Mark and Spenser, Reliance Timeout , Mango, Magpie and Foyer.   
Rosenthal Germany is a much fancied and celebrated brand that distinguishes itself in superior boutique and kitchen wares.  It is the first store to be launched in India.
An elite designer's store like this one, is one of the hallmark of this mall.
This is a place where you can have your photographs taken and get it photoshoped in a classic style.
The Magpie and Foyer are two of the best Indian brands that produce finest boutique and decor items.
The immensity of Reliance store strikes me. It is a 'Shop everything here' convenient store. It has everything from electronic goods to kitchen wares and gift items.
The mall has almost all the popular fast food outlets like MC Donalds. The food court  is large and offers many choices to choose from. Asian Seven, Fresc Co Restaurente and Nawabganj Safari are some important restaurants here. 
Trying to walk the whole length of the mall was a strenuous task.  It could be a small town in itself. The sheer size of the mall is worth a visit. There are more than 200 stores inside the mall but the number is still rising. 

How to reach:
Ambience mall is a remarkable building and its easy to locate. It is by the side of NH 8 on the Gurgaon-Delhi road. Unfortunately there is no metro station nearby. But the Nearest Metro Station is Sikanderpur Metro Station(Approximately Rs.50).


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