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Mizoram is a state in the southern tip of north eastern India and is popularly referred to as the ‘land of the blue mountains’. The Phawngpui – the Blue Mountain, is the highest peak here. The hills of Mizoram are blessed with exotic floral species and dense bamboo forests apart from the pleasant climate and beautiful landscape. Churches are the top attractions here and reflect the Chritian heritage of the state. The popular dance forms in Mizoram - Khuallam, Cheraw and Chai are also globally famous, especially among tourists who have participated in the festivities. There are also several places of interest in Mizoram including wildlife parks, gardens, hills and scenic towns. Indian Holiday offers information and travel tips on what to do, what not to do in Mizoram.

Things to do in Mizoram


Aizawl – The history of human settlement here dates back to at least 113 years and the timber houses, the Tlawng River Valley and the steep cliffs of Durtlang are important attractions. You can drive to Bung, around 16 km from the town and a well known picnic spot. You can also visit the Mizoram State Museum located on Macdonald Hill. It has an interesting collection of relics and artifacts reflecting Mizo culture.  The monsoon has pleasant climate and you can experience sublime beauty and get a glimpse of the state’s culture. The local markets in Aizawl also attract the young and old alike. Men and women here have been weavers and craftsmen for generations now and produce extraordinary handicrafts and garments, worth buying time and again.


Tamdil – Picnic with your family or spouse is the first on the charts when you are visiting Tamdil. The Tam Lake is around 85 km from Aizawl. Tourists can enjoy boating, bird watching and strolling along the lakeside.


Vantawang – Close to the hill station of Thenzawl is the highest waterfall of the state – Vantawang, that has a height of 750 feet. It is one of the most scenic destinations in the state and among the leading tourist hubs.

Churches in Mizoram

Churches in Mizoram – There are four prominent churches here - The Presbyterian Church, Mizoram Baptist, Roman Catholic and the Salvation Army. Once a predominantly Christian state, these shrines are regarded as the top places to visit.


Lunglei – A hill station in southern Mizoram


Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary – Situated in the West Phaileng district of Mizoram, this sanctuary is home to tigers, elephants and several species of birds. You need special permission from the forest department for camping or getting access to the Dampa Forest.

Angling in Mizoram
Angling in Mizoram – Chhimtuipui is the largest river in Mizoram and is a lovely retreat for anglers. Saiha has many fishing spots and is a 378 km drive from Aizawl. Lake Palak is 45 km from Saiha and is popular for its large fishes. You need to take permission for fishing here.

What not to do in Mizoram

It is important for tourists to know about the entry formalities to Mizoram before they plan their vacation here Foreign tourists are not allowed in the state without a Restricted Area Permit

  • Foreign tourists are not allowed in the state without a Restricted Area Permit
  • Foreign nationals are allowed for a maximum of 10 days with an exception to married couples
  • Indian tourists should obtain Inner Line Permits
  • Do not be a prey to bookies, obtain permits from authorized offices and government approved travel agents only
  • Tourists arriving by flights can get permits at Lengpui Airport
  • Be careful about your belongings
  • Contact local police in case of any emergency
  • Do not bring in alcohol - it is prohibited in Mizoram
  • Shops are closed by 6 pm, so single women should not venture out alone
  • Do not disturb animals in the sanctuaries
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