Monday, November 28, 2011

Late nights sleep and lazy mornings are all part of Delhi's winter. So if you happen to wake up late after a relished sleep and if you are late for breakfast, wriggle out of your blanket and refresh yourself with a walk. Delhi's brief winter is here to stay.  Autumn has gone with her warmth abandoning the variegated leaves on the ground for the winter chill to tramp over. But Delhites love this season of roadside teas and warm peanuts. Dilli Haat is just the right place to go and celebrate Delhi's winter.

A photo feature here will give you some tips on how to spend a perfect day at Dilli Haat.
 Festival of India organised by Delhi Tourism is underway at Dilli Haat. There are no separate entry tickets for it other than the usual 20 Rs entry ticket. But one has to sit till 6pm in order to witness the extravagant event. A day is given to every States and Union Territories to showcase their rich musical and dance tradition.  
You can begin your day with some shopping. With the onset of winter, many shops have started putting up winter clothes. Colorful Chunni or muffler is a must have item if you have to brave the winter in Delhi. 
Warm and thick woolen sandals are one of the most comfortable forswear that can be worn at home. 
Kolhapuri is one of India's most popular traditional chappals. Dilli Haat is full of goods that makes India exotic to other countries. Foreigners adore this place.  
After shopping you can sit down for a good brunch. There are food stores from almost every states of India like Maharastraas, Rajasthan, Orrisa, West Bengal, Nagaland, Aasam, sikkim, Manipur and Punjab. Lately Grillz and August Spice have come up cater to the demand of people that favors fast food. Places like Rajasthan, Punjab, Orissa serves thali whereas Sikkim is known for momo and Nagland serves good fried pork.
A delicious plate of momo at a Sikkimese store along with a warm soup makes the trip worthwhile.
After lunch just laze around and find a quiet place to read a book. If you are not too much of a reader you can still listen to folk music performed by Rajasthani musicians on their authentic handmade instruments. Then, you can go for one more round of shopping. Dilli Haat is a world of its own. You'll get almost everything here, including many of the items displayed at the recently concluded 31st India International Trade Fair. Be it the famous Madhubani paintings of Bihar, Decorative items and Pashmina shawls from Kashmir or bags made of jute and many more. 
Sitting for a portrait can be fun if you have the time and the patience. It doesn't cost you more than Rs 300. Women can have Mehndi painted on their hands. If you are an art enthusiast you can also see the Saora Tribal artist at work.   
At 6pm you can enjoy the 'Festivals of India' in full swing. 
Goan representative performing Mando dance and songs at the Goa night. Though Goa has its own  songs and dance, they still choose to preserve their Portuguese influence on their culture in the form of Mando. The night shows during the festivals last for 1-2 hours.
Dilli Haat is perfectly lit like during Diwali. The air is cool and it is just the perfect place for this time of the year. You can unwind your day with a hot cup of tea at the Chaiwala outside the gate. 
Schedule for the State-wise performance at the Festivals of India. 
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  1. Delhi Haat is one of my favorite joints to hang out in Delhi. I like to window shop there- its so refreshing! And the delicious foods stalls also attract me. I do buy some exclusive handicrafts too there!

  2. Great schedule ahead. Should be fun to watch the programs at Delhi Haat and enjoy great food too :)

  3. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing here. Keep up the good work.

  4. @deepa @kaushik @Tripura- Thank you all for your warm response. Indeed Delli Haat Showcase India at its diversity and glory. Though 'Incredible India' can never be served on a platter, Delli Haat successfully Represent 'little India'.

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