Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Raisina Hill elevates to mere 18 metre from the surrounding area but this plateau host some of the most important Government buildings in the country including the official residence of the President of India, Prime Minister's office and Secretariat buildings also known as the North and South Block. This area is also known as the Lutyen's Delhi, named after the man who designed and built most of the important buildings around this place including India Gate.
Sunbathed Foothills of Rashtrapati Bhavan and The Secretariat building behind
Dark cloud looms over Rashtrapati Bhavan at evening
A road  to Rashtrapati Bhavan scythes through the Secretariat Building and divides it into North and South Block
Parliament House is one of the most recognizable building at the foothills of Raisina Hill.
Long shades and afternoon shadows make for a perfect place to nap. There are hundred of homeless men who have made this place their home.
Bird's eye view of India gate from Raisina Hill. This straight road that leads up to India Gate  host the  Republic day Parade each year.
Portable shops like this make good business from tourist that thronged India gate daily. 
Family fun stroll
Being one of the most strictly guarded place it stays awake late into midnight. It is easily one of the Favorite spot  for family  picnics.

How to reach: The exit out of  Central Secretariat Metro station leads you to the vast expanse of Raisina Foothills.


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