Thursday, October 6, 2011

National Zoological Park, Delhi fondly called Delhi Zoo  is a greenery covering an area of 176 acre. This huge green patch in the middle of the city is a delightful freshener and a treat of nature. This place is home to approximately 1350 animals of around 130 species. If you care for a healthy walk, you can amble the whole zoo within 2-3 hours. If you know what it means to have a refreshing afternoon tea after a hard day's work, you might care for a visit to this place on Weekends. Everybody needs the healing touch of nature sometime in life. It is a good place for families with kids.
Painted Stork safely landing on its nest
Painted Stork sitting on a nest
The Black buck- everyone must have known by now
A fawn playfully biting on a leaf
Apple time for an Army Macaw 
Blue-yellow Macaw sitting for the camera
This Lion Picture was taken just before he disappeared for an afternoon nap after a thunderous roar.  Visitors were left disappointed.
Visitors at the birds section of the Zoo
The Zoo is flanked on one side by Purana Qila . This is a view of Purana Qila from the Zoo.
The Zoo is closed on Fridays and every National Holidays. 
The Nearest metro station is pragati Maidan. One can take an auto or a bus from there.