Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Delhi Haat and Janpath are two most vibrant and popular shopping destinations in Delhi. These places are stuffed with exotic items unlike many big Malls that simply glamorise foreign brand. Going to these places is more about discovering the real India. Prices can be unpredictable at times. So, brush up your bargaining skill before foraging into these Heritage shopping sites. 

                                                      1. Delhi Haat:

It is a small ethnic India in the midst of greater India. India is such a diverse country in terms of culture, race and crafts. Delhi Haat is a stage for diverse people to showcase their Artworks and culinary skills. The real India is never available in a platter, at one place. Delhi Haat is an attempt to showcase India at one stage. And it did quite well.

Delhi Haat has shops representing almost every States of India. So the cuisines are rich in varieties. Apart from diverse food items, it has vibrant collection of fabrics, decorative items, spices, handicraft works and idols of gods and godesses.
Window shopping for antique items.
Handicraft works made of jute, bamboo etc. displayed at Delhi Haat
Intricate Wood Carving works for sale.
Hand made Chappals displayed along with paintings.
Decorative knick-knacks like this makes Delhi Haat  a colourful market.
A Folk Musician enchanting tourist. It is also a good place to hang out. Folk Musicians often frequent this place. You might just be lucky enough to be treated with a good performance. Cultural or musical events are also organized at the open stage, on the far end of the market, from time to time.

Nearest Metro Station: INA Market    

                                                         2. Janpath:

Janpath is one of the favorite shopping destinations for foreign tourist. The sprite of colors at this popular window shopping destination is as vibrant as any high rise Mall. This place has a very pleasant flavor of colors and range of goods you wouldn't find anywhere.

 It has also a large range of popular Indian handmade sandals “Kolhapuri chappals” and Indian garments. It is a good place to go treasure hunting. You'll find many watches that looks like your grandpa's old watch or lamps that looks like Aladdin's Lamp from your comic book. It's not a bad idea to take home some soveiner from this well revered market.
Janpath Comes alive at night with grand display of  colours and lights.
Shoppers at Janpath.
Old World Charms
Janpath is known for antique items and decorative knick-knacks.
Beautiful display of colours at one of the shop in Janpath
Cheap bargaining garment shops are popular even to the locals.

 Nearest metro Station: Rajiv Chowk


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