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Tiger Safari in India

Tiger safari is not just about getting really close with the tigers, but also about getting deep into the woods and also the fun of riding on an elephant's back or a Jeep. It's one of the best ways of exploring fauna and flora found in the park at proximity.

 Bengal tiger emerges from the forest and crosses between safari jeeps. Photo: Getty Images
At present, India has an assuring number of 42 tiger reserves, initiated by the the National Tiger conservative Authority (6-21-2011, census), under the name Project Tiger; with Ranthambore being the most congested tiger reserve in the country. The immensity of tiger Reserves, underlines the vast pool of choices one has in choosing a destination.Corbett national park, Kaziranga, Panna, Bandipur, Kanha, Bandhavgarh etc. are some of the largest and best Tiger reserves in the country, that offers Safari service for Tiger sighting.Most Reserves, have both Jeep and elephant safari. It's a matter of choice; both have different essence. Jeeps are faster but elephants hardly broke down like engine does. Jeep is relatively more safe in terms of tiger attacks but at the same time the puttering sound keeps the tigers some distance from the jeep. Elephant Safari is more adventurous as compared to Jeep and you've a better chance of sighting tigers up close, as all animals have a mystic bond and are most likely to be unnerved by each other. Also by being on an elephant's back you careen to the voluminous sway of its body. There's something magical about it. And right away you feel connected to nature.
Elephant back safari is the most enjoyable and exciting safari at the Corbett National Park

The best time to go tiger sightseeing is the dry season from October to March. The big cats, most likely will not show themselves in the monsoon rain as they'll take shelter deeper into the overbearing grooves. The best time to catch them is when they are basking lazily in the heat of the day, or when they come to the pool for their drink. Too much of human activities at holiday seasons will scare the big cats away. It's always a wise thing to avoid Saturday and Sunday, if you want to have a better chance of seeing tigers.

The resurgent craze about tiger safari, reflects our broadening conservative mindset. From 1411 tigers in 2006, the number of tigers in India has gone up to 1706 tigers in 2011. Tiger conservation in India is definitely still an uphill task, but the positive outcome cannot be denied.
Bengal Tiger, found in India is one of the nine species of tiger in the world; out of which three species are already extinct. The unpleasant thought of this majestic animal getting wiped out from this planet has wakened the tender side in many of us. Tiger conservation has become a national duty.

Tiger safari can be splendidly refreshing. It can sharpen one's senses. But by being in the midst of plants and animal, we can learn to establish a closer bond with other living beings on earth, other than human beings. And we can learn to respect their own habitat and leave it that way, instead of encroaching their habitat.
Where to Stay: Most National Parks and Reserves offer Resorts for lodging and food. some are as simple as a camping tent amidst the forest and some are as comfortable as five star hotels. 'The Taj Garden Retreat' is a five star hotel in periyar, roofed with thatch to give the feel of living amidst the wild. Lake Palace hotel, Muthoot Cardamom Country Hotel, jungle Village Resort, Hotel tree top are some of the few popular Hotels in periyar. Ranthambore Forest Resort is a well known Resort in Ranthambore. Apart from stunning view it offers in the midst of the forest, this hotel like many other hotels offer facilities for golf enthusiat. Some of the best places to stay in Corbett National Park are Dhikala, Gairal and Bijrani.
How to get There: Tiger Safari India and Tiger Safari with Taj offer tours for a week or more to Kanha, Ranthambore, and Bandhavgarh. Buses and other transport facilities are available for most Reserves.

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