Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A young school girl relishing the rain

The heat waves that tormented Delhi during the brooding summer has softened in the hands of the Indian Monsoon. The rain gods have shown favor once again, and the long Indian Monsoon is here to stay for some time. Delhi has never looked greener and more refreshing. Delhi joins the whole nation in heralding the arrival of this life bringing- Monsoon.

Picture of Delhi's slothful summer is nothing more than chaos. The sound of AC rattling, or fan clattering late into the morning and again to late night can be stressful. It can build up like a lump on your throat. Monsoon swallows the stress. The soft patter of the rain on the leaves and over the asphalt, sings you to sleep. It gives you the experience of being in the countryside, while you are in the city.

The least one can say about the Monsoon in the City is that- it rejuvenates and injects life. Smell of ripe mangoes deluge the smell of sweats. And the city altogether wears a different color and flavor. 

As The weather Girls sings 'it's raining men! Hallelujah!' over the music player, the city dwellers welcomes the rain on their rooftop. Sights of boys splashing away on the streets or bevy of girls dancing on their rooftops are common sight with the rain.

India gate is popular during this season. The air is cool and the sky is shaded; it invites you to come out to any open space and chill the day. And the experience is priceless because the season is brief.

It's a season to take a walk in the rain and to get drenched like a child. It's the season of sighting beautiful rain clouds, beautiful sunsets and small ponds. It is the best time to listen to the music as you search your memories for little reminiscences. It's  time to set your minds free and ride on the nimbus clouds, with your imagination high. 

Experience Delhi anew. A long walks in the cool of the day at Delhi Zoo can be refreshing. A long metro ride on the Noida-Dwarka track, above the buildings and and green trees is altogether a new experience on a rainy day. You'll get to see the Yamuna river hugging the shore like never before. Playful walk along the ruins of forts like Lal Quila, Purana Quila, Tughlagabad fort, can evoke a nostalgic feeling and can make you feel connected to the place instantly. Trudge along the streets of Chandni Chowk on the eve of Id and experience the delicacies of Indian cuisines. Climb up the stairs of Jama Masjid and watch thousands of faithful saying their prayers in unison. Amble down the drenched path to the serene Lake at Deer park and watch the duck paddle softly past you. Delhi has so much to offer!

Delhi comes alive right in front of your eyes once again. And you don't have to deal anymore with the discomfort of the heat wave, that so much blinds your eyes. Check out more tourist attractions in Delhi.


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